Entre began as a whisper. A soft word-of-mouth. Something called an “underground restaurant.”

Late in the summer of 2008, we quietly conducted monthly, five-course dinners in eclectic settings (the location is kept secret until the day of the dinner) with room for long, communal tables (you’re about to share something profound with a complete stranger). This is how we started. This is our baby. Underground diners get nostalgic over this. This is unlike anything you’ve experienced. Eyebrows raised, whispers turned to buzz, and Entre Underground became a local sensation. Local turned national via media coverage, and in the years since, Entre has added to its repertoire. We still run clandestine, but we also offer a full range of culinary services, from private dinners to weddings.Planning a party, wedding, corporate event? entre events is here to help. CLICK HERE

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If you have been to one of our dinners, tell us about it!

Past diners write:

“The Underground Dinner experience was amazing! Loved the intimacy of the crowd, the food was phenomenal and the wine was flowing. An experience unlike any other dining experience. We will definitely be attending more in the future. Thanks Chef John(s) for an amazing evening!”

“Dining at an Entre event was more than I could have hoped. The food was worthy of a win at a Food Channel Event! The service was warm, friendly, and timely. Sharing a meal with people I didn’t know was lot’s more fun than I imagined. The evening was worth every dollar I spent and a standing ovation was deserved by the culinary master Chef John and the staff. Also loved the front of the house guy, Jon! Thanks for a great evening.”

“Once again, I enjoyed the incredible tastiness of the food prepared and the intimacy of the location. Even hobbling up the stairs at the peril of breaking the other one wouldn’t stop me from being a part of your “incredibleness”! See you at the next dinner!”

“An amazing dining EXPERIENCE…excellent food and drink…and I met some wonderful people… THANK YOU!”

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