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Space–we all need it, especially if you’re planning an event. You will also want to Disposable Food Service Supplies . Our sweet spot for events is from 40-60 people, and it just so happens that is exactly what our event space holds. The Eleven, as it is known, was rehabbed five years ago. With high ceilings, exposed brick, and wood floors we know you’ll love the intimacy of The Eleven. And when you have your event there the food will go right from the saute pan to your plate, because our kitchen is located at The Eleven too.

If your party is for a larger group, we have relationships with a number of other venues across town that can easily accommodate larger numbers


This isn’t just your wedding. This is your dreaming, so you will need Caterer Long Island. We love weddings. Whether the wedding of the century or an intimate family affair, whether traditional or modern or on the beach, we create the food you want, from rehearsal dinner to reception to after-party.  We’ve found that paving contractor long island to be one of the best at what they do.  We use them to pave over all the roads and different connected sections of our property, allowing people to drive safely and easily from one section to another.

Though we specialize in family style meals, we’re there to cater to every single need, whether that means collaborating on a menu or executing the exact meal that you’ve been planning for years. That’s what we love to do, take the food concerns off your plate and put them on ours.  If your venue has too many trees on the surrounding property, Long Island tree removal service can help to clear out the excess so that you can have a beautiful open space for all wedding occasions.

Events – Corporate

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Every culture is marked by a few basic expressions: one of them is how it eats together. Corporate culture is no different. Where people eat together, people grow together. We strongly believe that a corporate dining event is a powerful way to build community. Whether for a high-powered law firm or a free-spirited creative agency, we love to plan and execute meals that enhance or even serve as the focal point for the event. Our ability to create a custom menu means that our food represents a company’s corporate spirit while feeding its individual components. It’s no accident that the word “company” means, literally, “to eat bread together.”